Jawon X Contact 350

16.000 TL

15.500 TL


2.El Jawon X Contact 350 Vücut Analiz Cihazı

Jawon X Contact 350 Özellikleri:

Jawon Accuniq X-CONTACT 350

Tetra-Polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes
5. 50. 250 kHz

Whole body/ Upper part ol the body/ Lower part ot the body (Selective)
Weight. Standard weight. Lean Body Mass. Total body water.

Intra Cellular Water. Extra Cellular Waler. B.M I (Body Mass Index).
Mass ol body lat. Percent of Body Fat, W.H.R.(Waist to Hip Ratio),
Basal Metabolic Rate. Ratio ot E.C.W./T.B.W.. Segmental Lean Body Mass.
Impedance, Body type. Target tp cpntrol, Gpal setter
Within 180iA

Input (AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ), Output(DC I2V, 5A adaptor)

Mono graphic LCD
Keypad, Remote enlry lo PC
USB Terminal. RS-232C Port

Thermal printer with autocut and high-speed printing
Whole body – Head pan : 350 X 216.5 X 123mm (W X D X H, ±10mm)

Upper pert ot the body-Head part 350×216.5X123mm(WXDXH. 110mm)
Lower parol the txxty-Head part: 267 X 216.5 X 90mm(WXDXH, 110mm)
Plate: 371 X355X 106mm (WXDXH, ±10mm)
Whole body : approx. 13 5kg (Including the column),

Upper part of the body: approx. 11kg,

Lower part of the body: approx. 10kg

approx. 60 seconds
10-200 kg
1-99 years old

Temperature 5-40X3, Humidity 15-93%(non condensing)
Temperature -25-70C, Humidity less lhan93%(non condensing)


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